Self-help: How-to Manual for Self-help Groups

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Who is the target audience?

This how-to manual is a reference tool for setting-up a self-help group, to be used by case workers or community support people who, through their work or personal interest, accompany or want to accompany an ernerging self-help group.

Why a how-to manual?

This manual enables already existing self-help groups to evaluate themselves. It encourages the emergence of new groups and promotes self-help as a means of overcoming difficulties. It informs, sensitises and equips groups on the various facets and mechanisms of self-help.

The usefulness of the how-to manual

The manual provides file person working with people who want to form a self-help group with information on seIf-help, how to support it, animate it and render the group autonomous.

It also provides those in contact with file targeted groups of people, with a useful tool for developing a way to accornpany and to promote natural "leadership" within file various groups.

The 4 sections at a glance:

Discovery. A world to discover: what is a self-help group, who belongs to it, how does it work, what' s its role and what are its limits.

Creation. Creation of a self-help group: where to start, what are the steps, its components and its goals.

Facilitation. Group facilitation: role, functions and responsibilities of file facilitator, required skills, qualities and knowledge.

Effectiveness. Effectiveness of the self-help group: the objectives, tasks, inter-personal relationships, the process and the obstacles to participation.

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