Self-help: How-to Manual for Self-help Groups - Introduction

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What is a self-help?

Self-help is natural, free help that people give themselves to overcome their difficulties, to deal with the problems they are confronted with in their lives.

Self-help is the action of helping oneself while helping each other, is choosing to share. Through self-help, a person can find one's own solutions.

What is a self-help group?

A self-help group is an association of people who help each other adjust to their problems or to change certain behaviours or habits, so that they can have more satisfying existence.

People who join a self-help group do so with the intention of helping themselves but, they soon find that self-help enables them to help others who have been faced with a similar experience. In fact, humans beings in general must be able, through their activities to satisfy their own needs ans those of others, to receive while they give: this constitutes the essence of self-help.


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